Justin McIntosh spent most of his early life homeschooling, unschooling, and popping in and out of various higher education institutions, at times without their knowledge... He views this auto-didactic learning experience as one of his greatest assets, propelled in this time of mass accessible information. It has led him to cultivate many skills and interests from Juggling to Magic, Computer Skills to Fine Arts, Photo Journalism to Film Poduction and the list goes on. Some of his most desirable attributes include: adaptability, creative-thinking, problem-solving, quick access to information, and attention to detail. His Art and photographs have been published in The Boston Globe, I-D magazine and Boston’s municipal court. As a Performer, he has been featured on MTV, CNN, Jimmy Kimmel Live, NPR radio, and NHK TV (Japan). He is a horribal speller and currently lives and werks in Brooklyn, NY.